David Brooks Is An Elitist Douchebag

NY Slimes Times columnist David Brooks is the very embodiment of what’s wrong with the GOP. He’s a pompous jackass who gets weak in the knees around other ivy league asshats like him.

In his latest column , Brooks waxes poetic about the current plight of the “educated class” in America. By “educated class” he’s of course referring to ivy league a-holes who talk like he and the president do.

Brooks and his hideous elitism make me want to vomit. It’s the so-called “intellectual class” that has brought this country to its f*cking knees.

What this country needs is a president and a party that relies on common sense rather than phony intellectualism.

Just because you went to Harvard or Princeton doesn’t mean you know dick about running the country. All it proves is that you’re good at going to school. Show me what you’ve done in the real world.

I’ll take a self-educated businessman who creates something from nothing over some jerk with a bunch of fancy degrees any day of the week.

Originally posted at The Hot Joints