It’s Muslims Who Should Be Scrutinized At Airports

At some point America is going to have to put aside political correctness and get real when it comes to the War on Terror.

Singling out passengers at random for secondary screening at airports is a foolish and politically correct security procedure. It doesn’t actually make us safer it just makes it look like it’s making us safer.

Let’s stop pretending the little old lady or the little boy in the stroller could potentially be a threat. Let’s instead focus on the people who’ve sworn to kill us — Muslims.

Yes, it’s discriminatory. Yes, it’s unfair. Yes, I realize not all Muslims are terrorists. But, I also realize that pretty much every terrorist is a Muslim (at least in recent memory).

You cannot screen only Arabs or Persians, because radical Africans also want to kill us. However, the one thing all of these people have in common is Islam.

If Catholics were rampaging around the world knocking down buildings and blowing themselves and airliners up, I would advocate for the screening of Catholics.

If Buddhist Monks began a terror wave around the world, I would advocate screening for Buddhist Monks.

It isn’t fair and it isn’t pretty, but it’s very necessary. “Profiling” is another word for keeping us safe.

When you board an aircraft, it’s fanatical Muslims you’re worried about. Not the Christian Nigerians or the Japanese Catholics. You don’t worry if the two Mormons sitting over the plane’s fuel tanks are plotting something nefarious.

We have to stop worrying about people’s feelings and start worrying about the people who want to kill us, and those people are Muslims.

Yes, you’re probably a law abiding Muslim. Sadly, there are some who use your religion to commit mass murder around the world, particularly using aircraft. So, if you’ll step right over here we can get this secondary screening over with and you can be on your way.

Originally posted at The Hot Joints