Stop Blaming Tiger's Women

Whenever a popular figure such as Tiger Woods is caught in a public scandal involving alleged marital infidelity, many people (women in particular) are quick to attack the mistresses. They are called “homewreckers,” “whores,” “sluts,” “trash,” and every other name you can think of.

Maybe the women are all of those things or maybe none of them. However, I think it is at the very least disingenuous to attack the mistresses.

The blame for what happened to Tiger Woods belongs to Tiger Woods and no one else, especially not the women he slept with.

It’s laughable when I hear female pundits sanctimoniously declare on national television that they would NEVER do such a thing. They call the mistresses “trash” and feign outrage that these women would knowingly sleep with a married father of two.

It’s easy for highly educated women with careers and fat salaries to make such declarations. If these same women woke up one morning and found themselves in their mid-20’s (or older), a high school diploma on the wall, working as a cocktail waitress — they’d be singing a different tune.

Someone in that situation being given the opportunity to sleep with a billionaire superstar athlete is like hitting the lottery. Opportunities like that are rare and should be seized upon.

Maybe said athlete is only interested in a one night stand and you’ll never see him again. But what if said athlete likes you and wants to have a relationship? What if he puts you in touch with a buddy of his that can help you launch the career you’ve always dreamed of?

Worst case scenario, the relationship becomes public and you sell your story for a $1 million dollars. Either way, you’re not a cocktail waitress anymore making $6 an hour.

The women Tiger slept with should be held least responsible. Tiger made the choice to cheat on his beautiful wife and shame his family. Those women were simply seizing an opportunity that life threw their way.

Two of the women are reportedly getting big payoffs from Tiger, at least two are selling their stories for big $$$, and we don’t know about the others (minus the two porn stars).

That means at least four of the women have dramatically changed the course of their lives for the better due to their decision to sleep with Tiger Woods.

Good for them.

Originally posted at The Hot Joints