During World War II, the Soviet Union was just as much the enemy as Germany, Japan, etc.  It is well-known that USSR’s atrocities vastly exceeded those of most of America’s other enemies.  We may have defeated one half of the problem (Fascism), but let the other half (Communism) get away.  50% is a loss in my book.

Yes, FDR willingly lost WWII simply because he sympathized with the economic system of the Soviet Union.

There is simply no excuse for this–the USA had the technological and military might to easily defeat the USSR, a country that had already lost over 29 million people in the war and couldn’t afford to lose many more.   FDR passed up this golden opportunity–and the chance to defeat communism at its roots–for the wost possible reason.

Now imagine what would have happened if Reagan had been president during World War II.  He would have defeated ALL of America’s enemies and saved billions from 60 years of Soviet oppression.