Some quick thoughts on PA-12

Right now I’m at Burns for Congress HQ with Robert Stacy McCain, Brian O’Connor, and John LaRosa.

Scott Brown’s event went well. Check out Stacy’s coverage here.

I’ve never heard of anything like a local TV station pulling a campaign ad for factual inaccuracy. Wow.

The Susquehanna poll that Neil mentioned isn’t anything to fret too much about. Folks I talked to from the Burns campaign weren’t stressing over it when I stopped by his HQ yesterday. It’s a close race and GOP folks need to work our asses off calling and canvassing this weekend, but you absolutely should not make any conclusions, inferences, or judgments based on that poll.

I’ve called and e-mailed the Russell campaign asking for them to reply to this question. Haven’t got a personal reply, but they have sent out an (incredibly unenthusiastic) e-mail urging their supporters to vote Burns in the special and Russell in the primary. About the best they’ll do I suppose.

Can’t say enough how important it is to support any GOP candidate against a Dem.

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