Dear Bill Russell...

Just wondering why you haven’t supported Tim Burns in the special election? Surely you know that the Democrats have twice as many voters in the district, and if we want to really send a message to the rest of the country, we need every Republican voter we can get to vote for Burns in the special. No reason you can’t say “Vote Tim for 6 months, and me for 2 years!” Or is there?

Tim Burns, Tea Party organizer, unhesitating supporter of repealing Obamacare, overturning Roe v. Wade, making the Bush tax cuts permanent, isn’t conservative enough for you?

The PA GOP establishment screwed you on March 11, just like the NYGOP did in NY-23 last year? Well damn those party hacks, but you haven’t made much of a claim that 85 out of 131 delegates were all conspiring against you in a publicly televised conference. Doesn’t seem quite like 11 NYGOP county chairs making a pick in a backroom to me.

Focusing on the primary? Well that’s good, but all I’m asking for is one quick press release on your website. Those of us who want a victory on May 18, in the only election where we’re actually facing a Democrat, will take care of getting the word out.

Mr. Russell, we can use your help here. You didn’t get picked in March, but you’ve got this primary, and you’ve got potentially a great future in PA politics. I hope you make the right choice.

I wonder if some other folks might call (814-254-4475), tweet, or e-mail you to tell you the same.