PA-12: Is Mark Critz a fan of Spandex?

Critz certainly seems to have an affinity with such a flexible product, with the stretching claims he makes in this ad:

Looking at this a claim at a time:

Burns wants to privatize Medicare and Social Security

Critz’s claimed sources for this? The fact that the House Conservatives Fund has endorsed Burns, and Burns’ claims in a candidate forum on April 28.

This is dubious as a source in the first place, and Critz doesn’t even try to claim that Burns explicitly endorsed everything the HCF stands for. But suppose Tim Burns gave up thinking on his own entirely, and taken every single position of his directly from this organization endorsing him? Here’s what the House Conservatives Fund’s own website has to say about Social Security. Doesn’t sound like privatization to me:

House conservatives tend to understand that Social Security provides a critical foundation of income for retired and disabled workers. Social Security is safe for today’s seniors. However, the government does not save our Social Security taxes for future retirees. Congress borrows this extra money and uses it to make up for deficits elsewhere in the budget. Thus the Social Security trust fund contains nothing but IOUs the government has written to itself. For this reason, House conservatives should be encouraged to act now to seriously investigate long-term, structural reforms to Social Security.

And on Medicare:

Improving our nation’s health care system is a priority for all American families. House Conservatives support competitive reforms designed to lower costs and ensure quality access to care. Policies that will increase competition and individual choice in the healthcare marketplace are essential in achieving greater efficiency and eliminating the rising costs of healthcare. It should not be the goal of government to subsidize health care but to seek solutions that will reduce the costs of procedures, consultations and medications.

Medicare is a vital program for America’s elderly and disabled citizens. We believe in working hard to secure the program’s future while strengthening the program to better meet the changing needs of today. House Conservatives are committed to securing adequate and affordable health care for seniors while stabilizing the burden placed on the American taxpayer


As for the April 28 forum? Here’s the specific question Critz is alluding too, and Burns’ answer. You be the judge if he supports privatization:

Critz also claimed that Tim Burns wants to “cut guaranteed benefits“, citing the same sources. As with the claim of privatization made above, the sources don’t support that claim.

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