"Nancy Pelosi's not trying so hard to get him elected because he's a nice guy"

The “him” in question is Mark Critz, who’s running against Tim Burns in Pennsylvania’s 12th district special election on May 18. The quote is from Tim Burns himself, which you can watch here.

Right now Burns is leading this race, which is impressive for a district with a large Democrat registration advantage. The voters want a change. But this is no time to get complacent – Critz is not going down without a fight, and the national Democrats are pulling out all the stops to help him too.

Mark Critz is an “arrogant Democrat machine politician” who, like many others from Western Pennsylvania, pretends to be pro-life (but won’t say anything bad about Roe v. Wade) and opposed to Obamacare (but wants to “improve” it).

Critz doesn’t even pretend in other ways: he’s promised to co-sponsor EFCA, enthusiastically wants the Bush tax cuts to expire because “in this economy the government needs revenue streams”.

Tim Burns knows how worthless Critz’ claims of being pro-life are. I’ve met Tim Burns, and he’s not the type of person who needs taught conservative ideas – he is as close to a walking testament to free market principles as you’ll ever find in Southwestern PA.

He doesn’t need prompting to tell you about how overturning Roe is the only way you’ll ever enact pro-life policy.

He knows from the start that without repealing Obamacare, a toothless executive order is not going to stop federal funding of abortions.

While Critz and the other Democratic hacks blather on about rainbow-powered unicorns “clean energy” Burns understands that the best energy policy is that government get out of the way.

Now is the time to step up and support Burns with everything we’ve got. Call from home. Contribute. Hell, if you’re anywhere near Pittsburgh we can go to Burns headquarters, make calls together, and have a beer afterwards. Let’s not miss the best opportunity we’ll have to put a true conservative in Murtha’s old seat!