"No" is not always negative

Newt thinks otherwise. Sarah and Redstate’s Dear Leader sensibly disagree with him.

When a child’s about to do something incredibly stupid, is it a bad thing to emphatically tell them “No”? You might be saving their life. That’s hardly something to be ashamed of or to regard negatively.

So why is there any desire to flinch when we’re called “The Party Of No”?

The President and almost all Congressional Democrats have reached the age of majority and then some, but their actions lately are breathtakingly irresponsible and impudent.  Calling them childish is frankly insulting to most of the actual children I’ve ever seen.

Children have parents to keep them in line when they misbehave.  Congresscritters have elections and the Constitution, and they’re blatantly ignoring one because they really don’t take seriously our ability to spank them in the other. Let’s show them we absolutely mean it this time.

Let’s embrace our role as political grown-ups, and say “No” with confidence to these misbehaving fools. Because if we don’t, who will?

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