The Spanish Mirror

Obama is in office.  As much as I pray every day that this is some sort of horribly twisted nightmare, the facts are the facts.  Barring an impeachment or unforeseen circumstances (please God), he will be in office until at least 2012.  OK.  Every time that I interact with my eight and a half month old daughter, I can’t help but think about what the future holds for her and then, by extension, for this country.  What will the United States look like in 3-4 years?  How far will we be from the vision our founders had for this beautiful nation?  Just how much can Obama’s radical socialist policies change us in that time?  The answer, or part of it, can be found in Spain.

Spain, like the United States, is or has been a traditionally Christian country with most of the Spanish population claiming Catholicism as their faith.  In April of 2004, the PSOE, Spain’s Socialist Party, won the election and took control of the government.  Since then one policy after another has eaten away at the freedoms of the individuals and radically secularized the country.  Even without the type of constant support Obama has from the legislative branch, the PSOE has still been able to further the cause of socialism and secularism.  It has been roughly 4 years since the PSOE took control, so a look at Spain now can give us some idea as to what this country might look like in 2012.

The secularism of Spain and the rest of Europe, which goes hand in hand with their socialist ideologies, can already be seen to be taking root here in the U.S. with Obama’s comments about how we are not a Christian nation, his covering up religious symbols during his speech at Georgetown, his appointment of people like Harry Knox to the Faith Based Initiative and so on.  One issue that dovetails into the national secularization is the issue of abortion.  It’s not breaking news that Obama is one of the most pro-death politicians in our country and certainly the most radically infanticidal person to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  This brings me to an article I saw today from the AP.

Spain is taking steps to ease restrictions on abortions in their country.  Story here.

The Spanish government approved a plan Friday to ease restrictions on abortion and allow the procedure on demand up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, pressing ahead with a sweeping social reform agenda that has irked conservatives and the Catholic church.

The bill seeks to reform the law that legalized abortion in Spain in 1985. That legislation allowed the procedure in cases of rape up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, fetal malformation up to 22 weeks and at any point when a pregnant woman’s mental or physical health were deemed by doctors to be at risk if the pregnancy went to term.

This latter loophole has generally accounted for the vast majority of abortions carried out in Spain.

The report goes on to say that

Under the new proposal, besides abortion on demand up to 14 weeks, the procedure would be permitted up to 22 weeks of pregnancy if two doctors certify there is a serious threat to the health of the mother, or fetal malformation.

Beyond 22 weeks, it would be allowed only if a panel of doctors certified fetal malformation deemed incompatible with life or the fetus were diagnosed with an extremely serious or incurable disease.

I take issue with this whole idea but the real kicker for me is this last paragraph.  Apparently if a group of doctors says that the baby might be born with “…an extremely serious or incurable disease” then it’s A-OK to kill that child.  The selfishness of the parents in not wanting to deal with the complications of having a child with a disorder is on par with the selfishness of those who simply don’t want a baby, even a healthy one, because THEY aren’t ready.  It’s a good thing Sara Palin doesn’t think that way or her son would not be alive today.

This selfish attitude gives those of us who are opposed to abortion a terrific argument.  If someone wants to have an abortion it’s because it’s inconvenient for them.  Period.  That’s what it boils down to, a matter of convenience.  OK, you say, so to clarify – if it’s inconvenient for you then it’s alright to abort the child.  Yes, they will say.  What the abortionists have done here is to establish a principle.  The principle is that it is alright to kill a human being if they are inconvenient.  This swings the door wide open for euthanasia.  Then you realize that it’s not just unwanted children and the elderly who are inconvenient but the mentally handicapped as well.  And you know who else followed this principle?  Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.  At this point in the debate, your interlocutor will mostly likely scream, turn purple, and claim that you’re just calling them a Nazi “and that’s not fair”.  But you haven’t called them a Nazi for the sake of name calling.  All that you have done is point out correctly that the principle they have established was the same principle used by the Nazi government to kill millions of innocent people who were deemed “inconvenient”.  That’s a historical fact.

Of course, the abortion issue is just one among many that will ruin this country as sure as God’s Justice if we don’t do all we can to stop the policies and The Architect.  I know this for certain, if I wanted my daughter to grow up in a socialist, amoral, secular, nanny state, I’d move to Spain.  

God Bless America, the way it was founded.