The Audacity of Sacrilege

I’m not sure if anyone has posted on this yet but I feel I need to make sure this gets covered.  This concerns the painting “The Truth” by Michael D’Antuono, in case you don’t know about this click here there is also a picture of the painting there.  The painting portrays Obama with a crown of thorns on his head and his arms outstretched, as if he were hanging on the cross.  This makes me sick.  Here at Redstate and in other conservative circles, we refer to Obama’s status as a “savior” with our tongue placed firmly in our cheek.  It’s scary to think that there are people who actually see him as their “own personal Jesus”, to quote Johnny Cash.  Obama has heard, I am sure, the references to him in this light but with this painting there can be no doubt that he knows that some (though he thinks ALL) people think of him like this.  All this messiah s*** does is feed Our Fearless Leader’s already colossal narcissistic sense of self.  

I am glad that there was enough outrage over this painting to have the unveiling in New York, set for today, cancelled but I’m sure we all know that if the painting had depicted Obama in reference to some other religious figure, say Mohammed, instead of Christ, the outrage would have been far swifter and more intense.  No doubt, the artist would have been forbidden to ever paint again and Obama would be contorting his spineless body into any shape possible to appease those offended.  Despite the cancelled unveiling, this problem is far from solved.

Soon, the messiah references will resurface and be much more prevalent as the over-hyped swine flu is stopped and contained by swift and just action taken by our glorious leader.  Speaking of, I noticed the Pansy in Chief has already used the disease to further push us (or our great great grandchildren’s kids) further into debt to the tune of 1.5 Billion, story here.  No telling what else the liberals are going to be able to tick off their twisted agenda under the guise of stopping this disease.  I’d be far more amused at all this if it weren’t so scary and depressing.  

One last note on the above mentioned sacrilege.  I’m well aware this would NEVER happen but if Obama had any sense of respect for the believers of the most history-altering religion ever, he would make a public statement denouncing this painting and ask for the messiah references to stop…yeah, I know, it’s not going to happen.  If anything, he’s going to use the belief that he is a savior figure to continue dismantling our country and our constitution block by block as he has been.  My only hope is that the messiah references get so out of hand that the Real Messiah decides to show up and teach B.O. a thing or 8,4467…actually  nevermind,  no number can be placed on the things that man needs to be taught.