The Continued Assault on Life

Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a late term abortion bill yesterday…surprise, surprise.  Story here.  Excerpts –

The vetoed bill would have required late-term abortion providers to report the specific diagnoses used to justify the procedure. Abortions after the 22nd week of pregnancy are illegal in Kansas unless necessary to prevent serious health threats to the woman.

The bill also would have allowed a woman or her husband – or the parents of a girl under 18 – to sue the provider if they suspect the abortion violated the law. And it would have given prosecutors greater power to file charges against abortion providers.

Sebelius argued that the bill would not have reduced abortions and would likely be ruled unconstitutional. She said the bill, if signed into law, would have intimidated abortion providers and potentially limited women’s access to abortion services.

…would likely be ruled unconstitutional.”  I didn’t realize that one person’s speculation on a possible interpretation of our Constitution was enough to contravene the INALIENABLE right to life.  It’s very hard for me to see this woman as anything short of evil incarnate (cue SWAT teams being deployed to my house) but even if she’s not I have no idea how conservatives have let her get this far.

It is encouraging to see Michael Steele doing something to stop her appointment but I would expect much more outrage over her policies.  The vetoing of this last bill is proof of her emboldened “I can do anything, I’m as good as HHS secretary already” attitude.  It’s shocking.

Even more shocking is how Sam Brownback is JUST NOW thinking twice about giving his support to her.  For a guy who claims to be pro-life, any support, even if they are from the same state, is totally unacceptable.  In the face of her continued and increasing pro-death (because that’s what they are) policies, Brownback will only say that “It makes it harder and harder”.  Listen up, Sammy boy, this is not hard at all.  If you want to have any credibility as a pro-lifer than you need to immediately condemn her and apologize profusely to all those pro-life advocates you’ve betrayed so far.  I’ve already written an email to Mr. Brownback saying as much, and if you care in the least about the life issue I would ask that you do the same.  In the mean time we must continue to support the efforts to stop Sebelius’ appointment.  Jim DeMint and Mike Steele have got the ball rolling, let’s get some steam behind it.