"It's America"...For Now

I was driving earlier today and listening to the radio.  I’m that person who belts out whatever comes on which is what I was doing.  I switched to the country station and heard Rodney Atkins’ song “It’s America” (video below).  As I sang along a very strange thing happened – I found my eyes tearing up, literally.  Now, I’m not the “sensitive guy” by a long shot but just sitting there listening to the words of this song and realizing that there are people who are trying to change who we are as a nation really got to me.  

Add to that the fact that among these people is the one person who, above all others, is supposed to preserve and defend our nation and the principles on which it was founded and you can understand why I teared up.  Watch this video (if you don’t like country music, at least make it to the first refrain so you know what I’m talking about).  Here’s the link.

As the song finished, my thoughts moved to how you could always rely on country music to be patriotic no matter what the sitting administration.  The next 30 seconds revealed a huge paradox and forced me to make an important distinction.  When the song was over the DJ came on and started to talk about how your bank might unexpectedly jack interest rates.  Then the soothing tones of Our Fearless Leader echoed across the air waves.  As I heard him begin to speak I thought “Oh good, they’re going to play something to stick it to him…”.  The sound bite they played was the Socialist In Chief talking about how the consumer must be protected from interest hikes (note: they didn’t specify when this clip was from).  The DJ then came back on and said:

“You go Obama, he’s looking into it for us.  Those bankers just keep geting rich, don’t they?”

I was struck by the contrast here.  First we have a song about what makes America great.  Then the DJ comes on and plays a clip of Traitor Number One who is trying to change this country.  Finally, the DJ paints Obama in the light of Guardian Angel and throws in a shot at the “bankers” who are taking advantage of us.  

I don’t know if Obama has just been that successful in convincing people to hurl all their blame at the bankers even now or the DJ (the station) is on the payroll.  Of course, the irony is that day by day the government gains more control of the banks and so is the really the one who dictates rates, salaries, et all.  ARE PEOPLE REALLY THIS BLIND??!??  Do we live in a nation of sheep?  I know there’s talk of increased displeasure with Obama and his performance but when will enough be enough?  How many days must this go on and how much of our country’s true nature will we lose before this destructive force is stopped?  If some omnipotent RS member out there has these answers, PLEASE let me know.