China and the Dalai Lama

According to the Post, China is now “urging” Obama not to meet with the Dalai Lama.  This is nothing new, China has been telling world leaders not to meet with the Lama for years.  Every president since H.W. Bush has met with the Tibetan leader and ignored the Chinese.  BUT that was every president before B.O.  This is a no brainer – ignore the Chinese and meet with the Dalai Lama, which hopefully Obama will do.  I have doubts though.  From the story linked above comes this quote from Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu –

“Our position is clear and consistent when it comes to the Dalai Lama’s visits. We oppose the Dalai Lama going to any country to engage in splittist activities under any pretext…We have already made representations to the U.S. side, demanding that they live up to their promises, and not let the Dalai Lama engage in any splitist activities in the United States”

Am I missing something here?  What promises?  Has the Obama Administration already told China that the Lama will be ignored?  This would not in the least surprise me.  Obama wants everyone but especially major global players to love him.  The Chinese, in particular, are a people B.O. wants to please.  After all, China practically owns this country (keep in mind that was over a month ago) now and Obama wants their help with North Korea and Iran (“help” meaning he wants them to deal with it).  

This is clearly a test from the Chinese to see how weak and malleable Obama is.  As yet, they have not specified what they would do.  In other words, they’re trying to see how far an unspecified threat will go.  Needless to say, Obama should ignore the Chinese and take the meeting but I’ve stopped taking anything for granted with this guy.  Appeasement of the Reds might just be too tempting for Our Fearless Leader.  After all, what’s the Dalai Lama going to do?  He’s not the one holding the purse strings.