Taliban - One Step Closer

I’m sure many of you have heard of this latest development as reported by the AP.  On top of everything else, we now have this to worry about.  At a time like this, when most of our mind is occupied with domestic issues, the Taliban has given us a stark reminder of the imminent threat that lies to the east.

When Americans, some anyway, took to the polls this past November, they voted for change as we all know and are constantly reminded by Our Fearless Leader.  McCain was weak but I actually thought he had a chance until the economy collapsed.  When that happened, people obviously panicked and lost faith in Capitalism and its ability to correct the inherent errors in the system.  That, combined with McCain’s own bungling of the campaign obviously cost him.  The bottom line is that Americans voted based in large part on domestic issues for a candidate who promised change in that area especially.

Since Jan. 20, Americans have been largely focused on domestic issues and not without good reason.  At a time when the unemployment rate is approaching 10% and our country is getting deeper and deeper in debt to the Chinese of all people, it is easy to overlook foreign affairs.  With the exception of his apologizing to any country that looks at us, Obama has ignored foreign issues that do not deal with the economy.  Take, for example, his non-handling of the pirate situation or his see-no-evil-hear-no-evil approach to Iran and North Korea’s missile launch.   This move by the Taliban is not one that can be ignored.

When the Founding Fathers wrote that

“…ALL men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these is Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…”

they clearly meant that these freedoms and rights should not belong just to those fortunate enough to be born in this country, but to people everywhere.  It is a sad fact that there are places in this world where these concepts are totally alien.  The Constitution protects (or is supposed to) the rights of US citizens and I lament the fact that not all countries have such a document to keep a watchful vigilance over the “inalienable rights” of which our founders spoke 222 years ago.  It is our duty, as citizens born into a country with (for now) unparalleled opportunity and freedom, to protect these same rights on behalf of our fellow Men who cannot themselves.  Isolationism is the completely wrong policy to rely on EVER again.

When Theodore Roosevelt assumed office, he had to undo the ‘anti-interventionist’ policies of Groover Cleveland that were not dealt with by McKinley.  Roosevelt recognized that the course of action in the best interest of this country was to assert American dominance to achieve a favorable balance of power throughout the world.  108 years later, this still makes sense.  One cannot look on this latest move by the Taliban as anything other than what it is, namely, an attempt to take over first Pakistan and then other countries.  The mere possibility of the Taliban gaining control of a nuclear capable country is chilling to say the least.  We must take action NOW.  Obama cannot simply retreat to a corner, cover his eyes, and pretend that nothing is happening.  I assure you, Mr. Obama, it is happening.  I believe this country needs to return to the ‘Big Stick’ policies of Roosevelt and protect the interests of both our own citizens and those around the globe.  Yes, the economy is bad, horrible even, and yes there is very much to worry about within our own borders but I fear that if something is not done in the very near future those borders might simply mark the fallout zone.  Sadly, I doubt any action will be taken under this regime.