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I just read a ground-breaking manuscript.

Let me explain. I’m a lifelong Republican who grew up during the Reagan era. I also happen to be an editor for a medium-sized book publisher in NYC.

[No, let me explain.  You are a guy from Vermont and a devotee of a pranking site who decided to go after this one.  Unfortunately, you have fallen victim to your own side’s agitprop, thus believing that you are smarter than you actually are and that we are dumber than we actually are.  Which is why you were pretty much called out after about seven hours; and I’ve decided that you aren’t in fact going to come back until you think that I’m going to forget about you.  Annnnnnnd that’s why your account was turned off: my time is valuable.]

[I’d end on a snarky put-down, except that I don’t particularly feel like it. – Moe Lane]