Our Modest President

On Friday, the Labor Department announced an estimated 14.5 million Americans are out of work, with the nation’s unemployment rate rising to 9.4 percent – the highest in 26 years. Meanwhile, during the European leg of President Obama’s trip abroad, the AFP brings word that a “taste tester” joined the Obama family at dinner at a French restaurant.  

A US “taster” tested the food being dished up to President Barack Obama at a dinner in a French restaurant, a waiter said on Sunday.”They have someone who tastes the dishes,” said waiter Gabriel de Carvalho from the “La Fontaine de Mars” restaurant where Obama and his family turned up for dinner on Saturday night.

The news comes a week after President Obama delivered on a campaign promise to take Michelle to a Broadway play, costing American taxpayers an undisclosed amount

Of course, the President is a private citizen and has every right to do as he pleases.  After all, he earned an estimated $2.5 million last year.  But despite this fact, Americans also have a right to judge.  Leading a visibly elitist lifestyle sends a terrible message to struggling Americans and lends further credence to the idea that President Obama places more stock in how the public perceives his words than his actions.  Lest we not forget candidate Obama’s criticism of John McCain’s seven houses last year.

That President Obama fails to scale back his extravagant lifestyle while Americans struggle to find work is unsurprising.  This is, of course, the same man that offered sympathy to farmers in Iowa over skyrocketing arugula costs at their local Whole Foods.