No more 1st Amendment

I received a warning from the Office of Kay Granger via the District Director Barbara Ragland.
I was officially informed that I am no longer welcome in the Fort Worth office of my Congressional representative.
I was informed that a letter to that effect was on my way signed by the Congresswoman herself.
I was instructed that if I wanted to contact my representative, I could only do so in writing to the D.C. Office from now on.

I guess I am getting to them.  They do not want constituents who are informed and active.  Those types are troublesome.
For nearly two years i have tried sending letters and got ABSOLUTELY nothing.

So as soon as I get this letter, I am going straight to the newspaper and announce how Granger treats the citizens in her district.  I am sure voters will like that.

I have not decided if I want to give Granger an opportunity to retract her statement.  What do you think?
Stay tuned.