Great Choice Douglas County School Voucher Program

It looks like the state of Indiana is able to accomplish what the state of Colorado could not.  Indiana has passed a school choice scholarship voucher program that empowers parents to make their own educational choices for their children.   The voters of Douglas County made the same choice when they elected a conservative, pro  choice school board.  The eagerly anticipated Great Choice Douglas County voucher system was to begin this fall with an initial 500 students ….that is until Judge Martinez ruled in favor of a lawsuit filed by the usual suspects., ie., select  public school teachers, NEA (unions) and the ACLU .

The question is… which states, Colorado or Indiana, will represent the choice of the voters.  Is there something different enough between the state constitutions that empower a judge like Martinez to ignore the constitutional rights of parents, affirmed  by the U.S. Supreme Court 1925 and then again in 1927 by the Colorado Supreme Court , “to have their children taught where, when, how, what and by whom they may judge best.”

It was the usual blah… blah… rhetoric… … phony arguments about the separation of church and state and sympathetic appeals that they are just ‘ looking out for the children,’ then… there is the …” this will destroy our wonderful public school system.”

Really?   Do you buy these arguments or do you believe this lawsuit is simply about supporting a monopoly that empowers unions to insulate ineffective teachers and administrators while promoting propaganda that is in sharp contrast to parental consent?

Federal influence in our children’s education began in the 1970’s and since then there has been a steady decline in student achievement with the minority and inner cities suffering the most.   The facts speak for themselves…50% of Colorado students do not graduate and those that do are largely illiterate.   Federal control of public education and its multiple of bloated redundant bureaucracies is a huge failure.  The NEA would like you to believe that the cure is to maintain the status quo and simply pump more money into the schools.   Increased tax dollars spent on public education has not produced parallel results.   Doesn’t your heart break for children trapped in a miserable failed public school system?  Our minorities suffer the most….the public schools simply continue the cycle of generational poverty barely subsistent on welfare.  These school voucher programs can be a beacon of light for parents of our inner city children.

The voucher program is long overdue.    The voucher system works like this…..a certain percentage of monies  (government aid) dedicated to each child’s education will be given in voucher form to the parent who chooses to participate… to be used for tuition for any school of their choice as long as it is accredited and partnered with the public schools.     Ohio and Indiana are leading the way with more states to follow.    Sure….sure…Colorado’s Judge Martinez ruled against the voters of Douglas County in favor of the unions and there will be more lawsuits to come against these fledgling school voucher programs … but the opposition will surely fade as there will be clearer thinking unbiased judges who also understand that competition can only improve our public schools.

No matter, the battle for educational sovereignty continues.

Rita Young