Best anti Obama sign (on my car)

Based on experience, “Obama Ruining Our Country” is a great, simple, and effective sign. 

If you want to have some fun with an impact here’s the project for you.  First you’ll need a bike rack on the back of your car.
1) Create the hand written sign on a poster board
2) Attach the poster to a piece of plywood the same size
3) To attach the sign to the bike (my Thule) rack I used two wooden towel bars (Lowes)
A picture would be worth a thousand words here, but the rest is really simple:
4) The sign must be attached when the rack is in a closed (down) position with the bike straps wrapped around the upper and lower towel bars (making the sign easy to attach and detach). 
5) The two towel bars must align with the upper and lower bike straps (use screws to secure the towel bars to the plywood sign)

We get  lots of thumbs up (…mostly).  You’ll never be lonely when you stop for gas; there’s always someone who will come up to you.  You’ll see me driving around in my black Volvo.