UPDATE: Freedom to Assault

Last week, I told you about the case of two abolitionists in Norman, OK being assaulted while speaking up for their pre-born neighbors.  I showed you video of these abolitionists preaching at the abortuary and video of the assault itself.  We talked about the Norman City Attorney refusing to prosecute the assailant.  The refusal of the Norman government to insist upon, or at least pursue, justice is chilling for all who would seek to love the least amongst us.  We are told that our right to free speech is not as important as the right to assault; if that weren’t shocking enough, even those who are allegedly “on the same side” as abolitionists also seem to hold this same position.

Abby Brannam Johnson, the “Pro-Life Advocate,” commented about the incident on Facebook, saying,  “Any man worth their salt would defend their girlfriend against the harassment of AHA (Abolish Human Abortion).” And, “Well, knowing Toby Harmon and his group, I’m sure the guy (the assailant) was heavily provoked.”  (A screenshot of these comments can be found here.)

As you may recall from Toby Harmon’s video explanation of the assault, the assailant destroyed the GoPro camera that was recording the beginning of the assault, and the SD card was severely damaged.  What was not common knowledge is this: The SD card was sent off to some experts to find out if any video could be recovered from the damaged unit.  The video was released by the Abolitionist Society of Norman, OK this morning, and is linked here.

The Norman City Attorney’s office has not, as of yet, changed their stance on prosecuting this case; rather, they insist upon sending the case to mediation, leaving justice unfulfilled.  I would ask you again to please contact the City Attorney and ask for justice to be pursued in Norman.  Ask them to review this new video, which clearly shows the events leading up to and the beginning of this unprovoked assault.  The contact information for the City Attorney is as follows:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (405)366-5423