No Compromise on Life

This piece is a follow up to my piece last week entitled “Liberty Without Life is No Liberty At All.”


As I discussed last week, the RLCWA State Convention was this past weekend.  We debated and adopted bylaws, elected officers and had the opportunity to hear a right to life/anti-aggression resolution.  I had the honor of introducing this resolution and of speaking in favor of it (please watch the video of it HERE).  After a total of close to two hours of debate, the resolution failed by a quite large margin.

Many members joined the RLC reluctantly, with the promise and understanding that the Washington State Charter would adopt a solidly pro-life position.  It is now clear that this will not happen, and as such, I have tendered my resignation.  Many others are in the process of doing the same.  Please find my letter to my County Chapter Chaiman, which includes my reasoning for my resignation, below.


“Mr. Chairman;

This letter serves as notice of my resignation from the office of Secretary of the Snohomish County Republican Liberty Caucus, effective immediately.  I also request and require that I be removed from the membership rolls of the Republican Liberty Caucus from the Caucus, Charter, and County Chapter levels.  I do not expect to see my name listed as a delegate to the upcoming RLC Convention.  I do not wish to receive any further correspondence from the RLC or any of its affiliates, including any electronic communications.

It is most distressing to think that the RLCWA has refused to make a stand for life, voting instead to uphold and affirm the modern American Holocaust that is abortion.  I cannot, in good conscience, associate with an organization that will vote overwhelmingly to remain silent at best, and retain a statement that says it can be “honest and ethical” to support an act and a culture that annihilates humans, created in the image and likeness of God.  It is clear that while the RLC may be in the right on certain and limited issues such as the 2nd Amendment and sound monetary policy, they will not stand for godly principles, and thus have voluntarily stood in firm and defiant opposition to Him.

As I know you are aware, the issue of abortion abolition is not something that I am willing to compromise on.  It was made clear to me prior to my joining this organization, that the pro-abortion stance of the RLC, specifically at the State level, is something that would be changed.  The RLCWA Convention in Yakima on April 27 has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not the case.  Instead, we saw that those who have claimed to be both “pro-life” and Christians will refuse to stand on the truth on this most fundamental issue of liberty.  In fact, the opposition by such people reached lows that I only thought possible from groups such as the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Republicans of Washington, which is interesting as the RLC does seem to agree with both of those groups much more than the Republican Party with which they claim to associate.  There were proven and demonstrable acts showing a lack of integrity, personal malice, and conduct unbecoming leaders for liberty. Aside from the obvious lack of willingness to stand for life, it has become apparent that remaining part of this organization would require me to condone tactics and conduct that is personally abhorrent and professionally unacceptable as demonstrated by several Officers from the County Chapter to National levels.  I have rarely seen such open hostility to life from a group of people who claim to be leaders in the cause of liberty, with one member even going so far as to say that Satan himself was behind the proposed anti-abortion resolution.  As shocking as this was, the thunderous applause with which this statement was met was even more disturbing.

There are a small number of honest, godly people dedicated to real liberty who currently are and will remain members or will remain associated with the RLC, and it is not my intention to disparage these individuals; however I think that it would be wise of them to also disassociate with this organization.  That being said, I will remain ready, willing and able to partner with those few individual in common cause where appropriate, and where conscience will allow.  I will continue to stand with and for such people and will endeavor to work, in my own small way, to advance the Gospel, Abolition and the cause of true Liberty.

In Liberty,


R. Clayton Strang


This piece is also being written about at the Victory Girls blog.

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