Guns and Jobs in Washington

This piece was first published by the Republican Liberty Caucus Washington.  Please view the original publication here.


Conservative and Liberty activists have been great at helping to kill anti 2nd Amendment bills in Washington State. Most notably, activists were able to help kill HB 1588 (see here, and here). We should be equally fired up when a bill is introduced that needs to pass! A new bill introduced by several great legislators, HB 2020, is one such bill.

HB 2020 , known as the “Washington state firearms ammunition, parts, and accessories jobs act,” seeks to do two things at once: To bring new jobs to Washington State by attracting manufacturers of firearm ammunition, parts, or accessories to relocate or start operating in our state, and also would help to potentially ease the ammunition shortage that firearm owners are currently experiencing. I don’t know about you, but I think that both of those things are noble goals that require some attention, not just from the legislature, but from us, as well.

With Washington’s unemployment rate last year between 8.3% and 7.6% and a current rate of 7.5%, I would think that our legislators would all want to work hard to bring good, long term jobs into our state. With firearm manufacturers like Magpul getting set to pick up and move their business from Colorado due to the State’s new restrictive (and unconstitutional) anti 2nd Amendment laws, and Colt talking about leaving Connecticut, it makes perfect sense to do anything that we can to attract these businesses to our state!

I would ask the same citizens that helped to defeat the gun grabbers in Washington to once again pick up your phones and call your legislators. Ask them to do their part to lower unemployment in our state by putting their support behind HB 2020.

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