UPDATE: Washington Gun Owners Under Assault

I’ve written previously about Washington State House Bill 1588 (please see here, here, and here) and we’re nearing the end. The Washington State House of Representatives has until 5:00PM (PDT) tomorrow, Wednesday March 13, to deal with this assault on legal gun owners. If the House passes this bill, it goes to the State Senate, and if they don’t, it dies (for now).

The Democrat controlled House was scheduled to vote on HB 1588 last night, and they didn’t  They were supposed to vote on it this afternoon and didn’t.  The vote was rescheduled for this evening, but the day ended without the vote happening. Rep. David Taylor (R, 15th LD) posted the following on Facebook: “Folks, stay focused and vigilant … THIS IS NOT OVER. Sleep well ladies and gentlemen, for tomorrow is another fight.” Rep. Taylor is absolutely right; the fight is not yet over.  The gun-grabbers in the Democrat Party, and Republican Rep. Mike Hope, have one more day to pass the bill, which means we have one more day to fight it.

I would ask all Washington State patriots to call your legislators again to express your support for both the U.S. and Washington State Constitutions and your opposition to HB 1588. The pressure that you’ve all been applying to them may be working. I’d also ask you to do one other thing: Pray. Pray for wisdom, strength and perseverance for the brave men and women who are standing for liberty in Olympia. Ask God to give them favor with their fellow legislators. Finally, pray for courage for those who are going to go to the floor of the House to speak out against this terrible bill.


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