UPDATE: With Republicans Like These...

On February 10th I wrote about Washington State House Bill 1588.  This bill effectively outlaws the private sale of firearms in Washington State.  One of HB 1588’s supporters is Representative Mike Hope (R, LD44).  There has been massive conservative and Republican outcry regarding this bill yet Rep. Hope is still supporting it.

There has been further controversy surrounding this bill, as substitute bills have been introduced and withdrawn, leaving many folks confused as to which bill was actually voted on and approved by the House Judiciary Committee.  The version that did, in fact, pass the Judiciary Committee is the first substitute bill that can be read here.

Today Rep. Hope released a video defending this bill.  In the video, Rep. Hope tells us that this bill exempts non-profit groups and gifts to family members, but the bill that he voted in favor of in committee does not contain any such language!  Rep. Hope asks us all to ignore those who “spread misinformation” about HB 1588, and I wonder, does he include himself in that?  Rep. Hope apparently either hasn’t read this bill or is trying to mislead the public regarding it.

To contrast Rep. Hope’s spin on HB 1588, here is a Legislative Update from Rep. Matt Shea (R, LD 4).

Please continue to call and email your legislators asking them to not support this bill, and while you’re at it, contact Rep. Hope and ask him to honor his oath of office by supporting the Constitutions of the United States and of Washington State.


Representative Hope can be reached via email or telephone:

[email protected]

(360) 786-7892

Toll-free: (800) 562-600

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