Rep. Mike Hope Wants To Be Your Baby's Daddy

Imagine for a moment that someone who you deem an inappropriate, or even dangerous, influence wanted access to your children.  This is someone who you, as a parent, have tried to shield your child from.  After all, isn’t it a parent’s job to protect their children?  Imagine that all this individual had to do was take you to court and have a judge issue an order forcing you to hand your children over to this person who you have been trying to protect them from.

How does that make you feel?  Terrified?  Outraged?  Think about what measures you would be willing to take to stop this from happening.   Or would you simply be willing to comply?

It may shock you to learn that Republicans and Democrats in the Washington State House of Representatives are trying to pass a law that would make this nightmare more than just a hypothetical thought experiment; they’re trying to make this a reality.

House Bill 1934 would allow anyone, anyone at all, who has known your child for more than one year to take you to court to gain access (which they refer to as “visitation”) to your vulnerable, impressionable and innocent children, whose protection is your sacred duty.

So who’s pushing this bill?  One of HB 1934’s sponsors is Rep. Mike Hope (R, LD 44).  You may remember Rep. Hope from my piece last week, “With Republicans Like This, Who Needs Democrats,” in which I explored his attack on the 2nd Amendment.

Rep. Hope seems to think very little of Washingtonians, doesn’t he?  He doesn’t think that we should be able to buy or sell our firearms to trusted family members or friends without paying a tax and getting permission from the government, and now he’s telling us that we aren’t capable of parenting our own children.  He doesn’t think that we’re fit to decide how or by whom our children are raised.

Rep. Hope, and the other supporters of this monstrosity, will feed us sob stories about why this bill is necessary.  They’ll give examples of former foster parents who miss the youngsters that were once in their care.  We’ll hear about grandparents who think that they have a right to be involved in a child’s upbringing, even if the child’s parents disagree.

This bill is not designed to help anyone, rather it is designed to usurp the rights and duties from parents and hand the responsibilities of raising children over to an ever expanding State.  The government, including part time legislators, knows what’s best for all of us.  The government is the parent to all children and those involved in a child’s conception are nothing more that agents of the State, and are to do nothing more and nothing less than what they’re told.

Rep. Hope will tell you that all of this is a lie.  He will say that you and I aren’t “bright enough” to read or understand what he’s trying to do for us.  The reality is that he and the other supporters of HB 1934 are systematically removing parents from the process of parenting.

This is not how Republicans are to behave, and this certainly is well beyond the scope of proper government.  I urge you to call your legislator to demand that they not support this bill.  Call Rep. Hope and the other statists who support this bill and tell them what you think about it.  Ask Rep. Hope how he would react if someone forcibly wormed their way into his young son’s life, undermining his rights, his responsibilities and his parental authority.  Tell him that if this bill passes into law, you will not comply.

Representative Hope can be reached via email or telephone:

[email protected]

(360) 786-7892

Toll-free: (800) 562-600

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