R. Clayton Strang for State Committeeman

On Saturday, December 1, 2012 Republican Precinct Committee Officers in Snohomish County, Washington will gather to reorganize our county Republican Party.  The only matter of business that will be discussed is the election of new leadership in the Snohomish County Republican Party.  The kind of leadership that we elect will determine the direction of our Party.   As we’re all aware, many challenges face our nation and our party, and there are conflicting opinions on what direction we must go to meet these challenges.  Some say that we need to moderate our message; that we must embrace liberal ideologies such as amnesty for illegal aliens, higher taxes and abandonment of social issues such as abortion and same sex marriage.  I, along with others, maintain that the answer to the problems facing the Republican Party can be solved simply be returning to conservative principles and a message of liberty.

I announced my candidacy for the position of SCRP State Committeeman on November 26 and I am humbled and honored to have received endorsements from these strong Republican leaders:

Larry Stickney, Current Candidate for SCRP Chairman, and Conservative Activist

Michelle McIntyre, Current Candidate for SCRP State Committeewoman and Republican Activist

Sam Wilson, 2012 Candidate for State Representative

Heidi Munson, 2010 Legislative Candidate and Conservative Activist

Michael Olhava, Snohomish County Coordinator Dan Matthews for Congress, Founder of Uniting for God & Country


Dear Snohomish County Republican Party Precinct Committee Officers;


I’m writing to you to announce my candidacy for the position of Snohomish County Republican Party State Committeeman.

Our party stands at a crossroads, with electoral irrelevance down one road and honor and integrity down the other. We have just endured a terrible, yet predictable defeat. Our party seems to have lost its way, but all is not lost. We have an opportunity to return once more to the principles that have made our party so strong in the past; principles that, when put into practice, ensure that government’s role in our lives is limited and individual liberty is protected. We, as a Party, must recommit ourselves to the promotion of these uniquely Republican principles.

We also must return the power of our party to its rightful owners; the grass roots Republicans. Our party, like our republic, should be governed from the bottom up, with the bulk of the decision making resting with the people, not with an elite few. This should rightly include the power to nominate and endorse candidates for political office. The grass roots of our party alone should hold the power of endorsement and nomination.

If elected to the position of Snohomish County State Committeeman, I pledge to do everything possible to ensure that Republicans in our county, be they Christian Conservatives, part of the Liberty Wing, or Reagan Republicans have a voice in the Snohomish County Republican Party.  Only by including and giving a voice to all Republicans can we hope to restore life to our party and the shared principles that have made the Republican Party a positive force for limited, Constitutional government and individual liberty.

Thank you for your consideration.  Below, please find a message from Mr. Sam Wilson, Former Candidate for State Representative.




R. Clayton Strang

Fellow Republicans,

I’m sure we’re all still feeling the sting of the recent election, and I think it’s clear the Republican Party needs a new direction if we don’t want to repeat the performance.  Pandering to the liberal agenda and abandoning our principles clearly doesn’t help to win elections. I believe the answer is to return to our roots of individual liberty, Constitutional government, and standing firmly on the principles we believe in.

After my run for the State Legislature came to a conclusion (and not with the win we’d hoped for), many people wanted to know what was next for me. I actually seriously considered a run for State Committeeman, but after much thought I concluded that it would be more productive for me to continue my role as a PCO, and prepare for a possible run for the State Legislature in 2014.

Having said that, I’m excited to urge you to support my friend Clayton Strang for State Committeeman. Clayton is a man of principle, and will not be moved to abandon his conscience by promises of power. Clayton understands the ideals of Constitutionally limited government and personal responsibility that is the foundation of the Republican Party. Clayton will represent us well, be willing to listen to what we have to say, and work well with his fellow Republicans. I can’t think of a better person to support for State Committeeman. Please join me in supporting Clayton Strang for State Committeeman!


Sam Wilson

Former Candidate for State Representative, 38th Legislative District.