Conservatives Still Need To Have A Voice

Rick Santorum has dropped out.  It’s last week’s news.   All anyone can talk about now is the “all but certain” nominee, Mitt Romney.  The Gingrich campaign is on life support and Dr. Paul’s campaign keeps chugging along as it always has, with strong supporters, and little attention.  What about the rest of us?  Many of us worked hard for Rick’s campaign, seeing him as the only true conservative left in the race for the Republican nomination.  Those of us who volunteered for the cause of conservatism now feel as though we have no voice.   Mitt Romney may end up being the Republican nominee.  He might even have a chance to defeat President Obama in November, but he does not give a voice to conservatives.  He never has, and it’s unlikely that he ever will.  But many of us are still fired up for conservatism!  We’re not out of energy yet.  What about us? What are we to do?  What outlet do we have?

In lieu of a conservative candidate for POTUS, maybe it’s time to turn our attention to other campaigns.  There are hundreds of conservative candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, state houses of Congress and many gubernatorial  races all over the United States that require our attention and support.

Here in Washington State there is a conservative running for Governor who has been largely ignored by both the news media and the Republican Party.  His name is Shahram Hadian.  Mr. Hadian is not the only Republican running for Governor, but he is the only conservative running.  His campaign is focused on strictly conservative principles: securing our borders, specifically our northern border, economic freedom, fiscal responsibility, defending the family, conscience protections for doctors, nurses and pharmacists and protecting life from conception to natural death.  Shahram understands that in order to succeed, we must embody the three legs of the conservative platform that Ronald Reagan spoke about.  In spite of the Republican establishment, Shahram’s campaign is growing in support.  His message is resonating with conservatives all over our State.

I believe in conservatism and the Republican Party.  I believe that our Party has been and largely continues to be the Party of liberty, equality and opportunity.  That’s why I cannot understand why the Party leadership refuses to support candidates who line up perfectly with the Party Platform.  Instead, the Party leadership throws support behind Republican candidates who are more interested in decidedly progressive ideas like spending more and more money on public education, prosecuting pharmacists’ who, due to deeply held beliefs, refuse to provide abortifacient drugs and support the murder of the unborn.   If we, as Republicans, are going to make an effective case to the American public that our principles are the most effective tools for restoring our Great Republic, shouldn’t we promote those principles through candidates who believe in them?

There are true conservative Republicans all over our great land that need our support.  We should learn about where they stand on the issues.  We should support them with donations to their campaigns whenever we can.  We should “Like” their Facebook pages and attend their events.  That, I believe, is the best outlet for conservatives in 2012.  If you need a place to start, might I suggest that you visit Shahram Hadian’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.