**UPDATED on July 22, 2012**


It’s quiet.  It pretends not to exist.  It lives in the shadows, hidden and rarely talked about.  It is the political fringe.  Conservatives have historically claimed that the fringe live on the far edge of the left, while progressives claim that it exists solely on the right. Both sides are wrong.   In the last several years we have seen this fringe boldly poke its collective head out of the darkness and into the light.

This small group of radicals holds as true that which most Americans, both on the left and the right, view as unacceptable.  They hold the opinion that nothing is forbidden to the individual.  Heroin, crystal methamphetamine, marijuana should all be available for distribution and recreational use, they claim.

A “left wing” member of the fringe like Barack Obama makes the case that abortion is a human right.  It is unthinkable, he might claim, to tell a person that they do not have “reproductive right” to end a pregnancy or even commit infanticide.  Ron Paul, an example of the “right wing” fringe, would say that life begins at conception, but that it’s up to individual states to decide whether or not that life is protected.  That position has the benefit of fooling people into believing that fringe politician is anti-abortion, while doing nothing to further the cause of life.

The presidency of Barack Obama began with a world apology tour.  He was apologizing for nothing less that the existence of America.  America has made many mistakes, mistakes that lead people to hate us.  If one were to couple the apology tour with the words of Barack Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, concerning the attacks on September 11, 2001, it becomes clear that President Obama believes that America is fully to blame for the horrific loss of American life on that terrible day.  We would expect someone on the “right,” even a fringe member like Ron Paul, to take the opposite position, but instead, we are subjected to mindless lectures on “blowback.”  Blowback is a term used to hide anti-American sentiment by Ron Paul, Alex Jones and fringe organizations like Code Pink.  Ron Paul stops just short of outrightly blaming America for the attacks, he does say, however, that it is understandable that the radical Islamic Jihadists (that he claims don’t exist) attack us.  After all, America has a military that works to protect our nation, our allies and our interests around the world and people just don’t like that, do they?

Both Barack Obama and Ron Paul have offered their vocal support of the Occupy movement, another fringe movement, hoping to reap political support.  As the world ushered in the New Year, Barack Obama announced plans to cut the budget of the United States Military, weakening our ability to combat those who have declared war on us and our way of life.  Ron Paul has advocated similar plans, but much more severe.  Mr. Paul has, in the past, worked with Barney Frank and partnered with George Soros’ cronies to dramatically cripple our Nation Defense.

There are even more similarities; the belief that American jurisprudence is inherently racist, the denial of the existence of radical Islam, the idea that Palestinians are an innocent, oppressed people, the notion that Israel is to blame for all of the trouble in the Middle East are all views that those on the fringe share, to some extent.

I submit to you that there is no such thing as a “left wing” or a “right wing” fringe.  There is only the fringe.  They are more alike than either will admit; in fact they are so dissimilar that it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart.

The fringe is out there, pretending not to exist, pretending to be main stream.  It is time for Americans on both sides of the aisle to admit the truth.  The future of our Great Republic hangs in the balance, and We the People have a responsibility to examine those within our ranks for the telltale signs of this dangerous fringe.  We need only shine a light into the shadows where the fringe exists to expose them.  Wherever members of this fringe are found, they must be treated like the outcasts that they truly are.  Only when the divisiveness of this fringe is exposed and expelled can those who call themselves moderate, conservative and yes, perhaps even liberal begin to find common ground.  Only then can we save for future generation that Shining City, that last best hope for mankind, the worlds’ longest lasting constitutional republic:  The United States of America.



I find myself in a situation that I had hoped to never be in.  I owe some of our fellow Republicans an apology.  Please consider the following a sincere, heartfelt apology.

Prior to writing this piece, I had not had the opportunity to come into contact with any Ron Paul supporters in person.  At the Snohomish County GOP Convention, I finally had that opportunity.  I was working on the Rick Santorum campaign as the 21st LD Chair and the Assistant to the Snohomish County Santorum Chairman.  In that capacity, I worked very closely with the Ron Paul campaign.  After spending 17 hours working closely with these folks, I got to hear first hand why they believe what they believe.  Let me tell you, the lion’s share of these folks are excited about more than just Ron Paul and his candidacy; they’re excited about the Constitution, Founding Principles and being Republicans.

We may not always agree on all of the issues, such as the best approach to National Security, but it’s time to acknowledge that this “Liberty” faction of our Grand Old Party is ultimately interested in the same thing that we all are: Smaller government, fiscal conservatism, protecting life and securing liberty by strict adherence to the United States Constitution.