Becoming PCM & PCW in Florida

I have been silent on this issue because I wanted to make sure that we had no major distractions other than those reigned down on us in Florida by Jim Greer and Charlie Crist. The election of 2010 is past and the campaign for 2012 has begun.  While chairman John Thrasher has gone a long way to returning integrity and fairness to the RPOF, the fact is that there is a monumental cleanup that remains in the GOP in Florida.  Only you, the registered Republicans of Florida can make that happen.

I am a PCM in my county and finishing a stint on my Board.  I elected not to run for the board again because the Board in my County is floundering and I need to be separate to have the impact I know I can.  The RPOF, under Greer and Crist convinced the infrastructure that the Party needed to be run from the top down and they implemented schemes to make sure that happened.

As a result the REC in my county is irrelevant.  They do not understand their proper role and they have surrendered their role in selecting, vetting and supporting candidates to outside organizations.  They had implemented schemes to suppress participation (created by the leadership of Jim Greer) and they have been very effective at doing so.  That all changes this year.

The scheme in my county was a rule you had to attend 3 meetings before you could stand for elections a PC.  I researched this and found an opinion from the Attorney  Generals office in 1983 (Bill McCollum) and an appeals court decision that indicated to me this requirement is illegal under Florida Law. I set aboutchanging it in my county. Moderates and liberals have strong voice in my county.

After 9 months of lobbying and yes even threatening my Board, I brought the issue to the floor and we passed a new procedure to screen members.  Now, everyone gets a vote on their application to be a PC within one meeting cycle. However this is not the end.

In our REC, we have over 130 open PC slots. An opportunity is coming to fill these slots in this county and all others in Florida. It will take planning and diligence but conservatives can assert their presence if they start planning now.   In the presidential primary election of 2012, individuals can be elected on the ballot by the members of their community.  Start planning your campaign now.  Gather your forces to reassert the principles that made the GOP great in our party.  Start tomorrow.  If anyone would like help, please contact me at  [email protected]