Not One Red Dime For Dede Scozzofava's Campaign Machine

I received the standard plea today form Chairman Steele to renew my membership and contribute for the upcoming state elections.  This was the letter I returned to him in the postage paid envelope.

October 23, 2009
Mr. Michale Steele
The Republican National Committee
300 First Street SE
Washington, DC 20077

Dear Chairman Steele,

As you will note, there is no financial contribution in the enclosed envelope with my updated membership information. This is because I refuse to give to the national party and see my money used to disrupt state primaries or used to elect far left leaning liberals like Dede Scozzofava who also seem to have very seedy connections as well.

I give to the conservatives of my choice. So far this year, my giving has amounted to over (sum) in in-kind service to the local party for technical skills and over (sum) in cash to the local party and to Candidates like:

    Marco Rubio’s Senatorial Campaign
    Sarah Palin’s PAC
    Michelle Bachman’s PAC
    Michael Williams PAC

I anticipate my giving will range to (sum) in cash next year and another (sum) in in-kind service.

I will not give One Red Dime to the RNC, NRCC or or the NRSC this year or next. Instead I will select which candidates best uphold the traditions of conservatism.

I read a quoted response from an unnamed GOP staffer on Politico yesterday regarding the parties, disastrous and foolish backing of Ded (not a typo, misspelled adjective) Scozzofava. When asked whether the party would continue to back her given the disastrous polls, the negative news about her campaign expenses to a relative and the overwhelming support Mr. Hoffman has attracted from the Conservative base. He said:

“We are dealing in data, not hopes and dreams”

No doubt, he represents the thinking within the GOP National Organization as a whole. I will tell you that I consider this cancer to be killing the party and any hope we have as a party of retaking the Senate and Congress. Your leadership has done nothing to create a vision of strength through principle. The tunnel visioned, tin-eared individuals controlling the party wish instead to cling to polls and focus groups. You will never be able to lead us to victory this way. It is my fervent belief that the party would be better served if you and the leadership you have installed all resigned.

I remain a loyal Republican. I am a member of the Local REC. It does not mean I will stand by while fools lead me to destruction.  I know they are well-intentioned, but so was Custer. I will tell you that we here in Florida, will elect Marco Rubio and not Charlie Crist because:

  • He is Barack Obama’s favorite Republican (Obama’s words)

  • He believes in Man Made Global Warming and the need for Cap & Tax (his words)

  • He supported the incredibly wasteful non-stimulus so he could get a hug from Obama.

  • He raised taxes and fees over $ 2.0 billion dollars on Floridians in the midst of the deepest recession in over 30 years. No doubt he will do the same if we send him to Washington.
  • The sock-puppet (George LeMieux) he appointed to replace Mel Martinez placed a hold on legislation to drill offshore and then had the gall to tell us here that “the military is against it because it would interfere in training”. I am insulted that he thinks I am this stupid that he can use a bald faced lie to promote Charlie Crist’s backward agenda. Since when did we turn over the formulation of energy policy to the Military?
  • Charlie Crist is for the Public Option. No not health care, not yet. He implemented the Public Option for homeowners insurance here in Florida and in just 2 short years has driven a great many insurers out of the market and saddled the citizens of Florida with an estimated $30-40 billion dollar liability as the largest re-insurer in the State.

No, we will not vote to send Charlie Crist to Washington. We cannot afford to do so.
Please Chairman Steele. I have every wish to see the GOP returned to its status as an entity capable of checking the outrageous Socialist agenda now being foisted on us. Without strong leadership and a clear vision of the freedoms premise based on the exceptionalism of America and the individual,  we will have a very difficult time doing so. We may also lose the country in the meantime.

Maybe if they start getting 10-20 thousand similar letters a week between now and November 5th we can get them back focused on principle.  I doubt it, be we must try.