"We're In A Fight To The Death"...Populists Versus Elites, The Battle Of Sarah Palin

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Fight to the death?  Do you feel as if the country is at stake.  Many of us do.  For many years now we have stood by and watched as elitists, from both parties have driven us over the fiscal cliff and eroded our liberties drip by tortuous drip.  We are in a fight to the death.  It is why I am where I am today, in the trenches, spending 20 plus hours a week helping to build a technology platform for my county party to  take this fight right back into the face of the enemy.

I had never worked for a candidate before the 2008 elections.  I voted, gave what money I could and watched in silent rage  at what was happening to the country I love.  I actually had not planned on doing anything different to support John McCain.

Then… there was Sarah Palin.  The appointment of Sarah Palin, in a waking instant energized me to do more.  Not because I was afraid of the consequences of not doing anything, but it rekindled an optimism in me that someone of my values had a place, and the power to make the difference in the battle.  Sarah Palin, in an instant returned the focus from the elites in control of the ruling parties back to the grassroots.  We can make a difference, we will make a difference.

It is for this reason that Sarah Palin has been so viciously attacked from both within, and without the GOP.  She is the single largest threat to the status quo. Not because she can win the Presidency, because she is a game changer in the equation revolving around the balance of power among different clans of elites.  A tipping point, the likes of which we have not seen in many years.

George Soros financed minions have attacked her from a legal perspective in the law, exploiting loopholes in well intended laws in the State of Alaska.  They have abused the system in no small measure while the power structure in our party has stood by as she flounders in the waves hoping for the same outcome as the liberals that fear her as their one last obstacle.

I do not know if Sarah Palin will run or not in 2012.  I do not even know if she can win.  I do know that she is real and of the same working stock as all of us that have become activist since November.  The same solid stock that created the grand experiment we call our own. For that, I will fight till my last breath.  So my children and yours will know that great things are possible from anyone, just as is the most vile treachery.  It is our children I worry about and our legacy as stewards of the liberty delivered upon a sea of blood, which has been granted as their birthright.

America is the freak of history.  All common people who walked before Americans were enslaved.  History has risen from the ashes of each succeeding struggle to obtain the holy grail of liberty based on the grants of the creator.  It took a small core of people, committed in their hearts and minds that the time was right, that the common man’s time had come to deliver that promise.

Sarah Palin represents the spark of that synthesis of commitment we need to carry on that fight.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that fight will never end.  Thomas Jefferson said:

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

It was his ultimate warning that we would never be able to rest from the protection of the most precious thing we have achieved after the very long, very bloody struggles of men and women like William Wallace, Joseph WarrenSullivan Ballou Deborah Sampson , Emily and the thousands and millions that followed,  all inexorably bound to the ownership of the grant of liberty.

If you are too busy, to vote…you have no right to complain.

If you are too busy to educate yourself on the Constitution which cemented your natural rights…you have no right to complain.

If you are too busy to offer of your time to your country…you have no right to complain.

If you do not have the time or money to support the party and candidates that offer the best hope of maintaining your freedom and prosperity…you have no right to complain.

Soon, If you have to no time or money for any of these…you have no rights.

The attacks on Sarah Palin are not about her in the end.  They are attacks against your children’s aspirations and the thin vines of liberty to which they cling and the responsibility for watering those vines falls to you.

Watch this video from Bill Whittle to understand this better.  Finally, come join us.  Everyone has some talent to make a difference, even if it just making the coffee. All of us, together can overcome whatever we face, divided we will fall into an abyss of hopelessness.  Commit yourself to whatever you can.  It may be outside your comfort zone, it may be an inconvenience, it may be exhilarating, it may be full of fear.  It will be all these things and one more….it will be your only respite from the fear of letting the those vines die.