What Next For Sarah Palin?

Cross posted at the 41st Vote.

Sarah Palin’s shocking announcement today that she would not seek re-election as Governor and that she would be stepping down effective July 26th will trigger a firestorm of speculation and attacks, it already has.  Her stated reasons for leaving the Governorship early, to “pass the ball for victory” seems somewhat hollow given her popularity in Alaska.  Already, liberal pundit, Larry Sabato has announced on Fox, that the move is “political suicide” and that the GOP would not dare nominate her as they might risk a “landslide” loss in 2012.

Liberals have attacked her as dense and shallow since her nomination as the GOP candidate for Vice President.  GOP operatives, many former associates of Mitt Romney have attacked her ( in a cowardly, anonymous fashion) many speculate, to diminish her standing in the GOP at large.  If anything, it has steeled her supporters against these sorts of attacks and increased the public empathy that attaches to her.

Examine the move closely and you may see some very shrewd thinking revealed in her decision.  There are several reasons this can benefit her tremendously as she moves towards a decision on whether or not to seek the Presidency in 2012 or 2016.  The left has been attacking her relentlessly with frivolous and baseless  ethics complaint filings since the end of the election (many financed by George Soros connected entities).  Those ferocious attacks expose the terror the left feels at her potential to capture the imagination of not only the GOP base but the women’s votes at large.  She will immediately remove the distraction of the legal burden of fighting harassing, baseless accusations associated with the frivolous (not one has been substantiated) legal proceedings.  It also frees her up to attack the Obama agenda, as a private citizen and conservative icon, while removing the people of Alaska from the cross-hairs of the Obama Administration.

Remember, Obama had to unleash a relentless attack on Hillary Clinton that was extremely risky for him.   His popularity overcame a great deal of animosity that was raised among Democrats supportive of Hillary Clinton.  A great many of those same Clinton supporters then latched on to Sarah Palin, despite differences in ideology, because of the mean-spirited and vicious attacks they perceived were portrayed against not only Hillary Clinton, but women in general.  She came to represent to dreams and aspirations of women, Democrat and Republican alike.  The attack machine of the Democrat Party will go into high gear now against Sarah Palin.  They will have three years to try to make Sarah Palin look foolish, unintelligent and not up to the task.  Take notice of the ferocity of the attacks.  The more intense they are, will signal just how terrified afraid they are of a Palin candidacy.  Now that Obama looks foolish, unintelligent and not up to the task, that is not likely to work very well for them.

Palin, on the other hand, will have an open field to criticize (along with most everyone else) the missteps of the Obama administration in handling Foreign Affairs and the economy.  She will have the high ground on both,because she leaves Alaska in sound fiscal condition, having cut spending, to balance the budget and having a treasury still bringing in a surplus of revenues, and not a broadening wreckage of false promises, manhandling by petty tyrants and a seeming inability to grasp that some regimes are essentially evil and antagonistic to the existence of the United States.  She will have the virtue of hindsight on Obama’s growing record of Foreign Policy foolish missteps as fodder for her cannons, all the while being able to learn from his weakness and inexperience.

Recently, anonymous attacks from “former McCain staffers” continued the lies and criticisms emerging from the same sources immediately after the election.  It is reasonable to expect incompetents to try to expel their responsibilities and transfer them to someone else, particularly if they can advance the agenda of whom they hope for their next paying campaign position.  Only the old line gang desperate to retain the old order will be foolish enough to try.  The party is in a rebuilding stage from the ground up.  The moves at the top of the GOP are seen as clown dancing.  The real moves are happening at the county and state level where the grassroots is subsuming the old order to the new structure that will emerge, slowly, quietly and forcefully to cast aside the tsunami of weak, squishy interlopers that keep harping that the party must change and “broaden” its base if it is to survive.

The GOP will broaden it’s base…all thanks to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.   The American Public is starting to feel real pangs of buyers remorse over the moves of this Democrat administrations radical push to completely remake the American Experience…all at their burden and on their dime (quickly growing into trillions of dollars of slavery for our children and grand-children).  They are the GOP’s most valuable campaign asset.  We only need to fight to prevent the total destruction of our way of life while their radical, statist agenda peels itself to reveal a Socialist agenda run amok on the tide of a financial tsunami  they brazenly and cynically embraced because “no crisis should ever be wasted (in advancing a Socialist agenda)”.  Democrats have a growing record of dismal results, seeming incompetence and weakening resolve in their own base to fight; all of which nourishes the GOP back from the dead.

Whether she runs or not, the attacks of the left will auger well for the GOP in both 2010 and 2012.  The public, already sympathetic to Governor Palin, will take this as an unwarranted, mean spirited vendetta by the pack of psychotics many of them are.

In the end, we will have to see if Sarah Palin will seek the nomination or not.  Whatever her decision, the GOP owes her a great debt now for being the only reason the 2008 election was not a total Jimmy Carter or George McGovern slaughter and giving the downtrodden base, a symbol of yes…Hope.  Her enmies may suffer euphoria intially.  I would warn them to beware of missunderestimating Mrs. Palin.  Governor Palin has shown herself much tougher and far more competent than the lot of them and seemingly resolute to bear any attack in service to her country.  I for one look forward to the next three years.  It is going to be so much fun!  Finally, who owns the news cycle today?  Shockingly, it is not the One.