Urgent - Waxman To Push Vote On Cap & Trade In Next Few Days.

Burn the phones contact all your net peeps. From http://resistnet.org. Wxman, who pulled this bill out of the sub-committee he had assigned ti to just last week and sensing thte bill is dying, is trying another end run around Republicans, time and common sense.

He wants a vote in the next 48 hours and the bill is not yet out of committee (his). This will not allow time for reasonable debate or even enough time for members, or the public to read the final bill. This bill will impose a “Global Warming Tax” that amnounts to $ 3,900.00 annually for every household.

Everytime you turn on a light swicth, turn on the A/C, wash your clothes, fill up your car, mow the grass, buy a shirt, play a round of golf….you will pay this tax…you get the picture. Can you really afford to do nothing. Burn the phones and Faxes. Contact every one in all your networks. This is the most important vote coming up in the next 2 months.

Unless you want to take money out of your pocket every day to send to Al Gore and Obama –

You can send contacts to appropriate member so Waxmans Committee here:

Contact members of Waxmans Energy Committee. here: http://www.atr.org/only-thing-clean-energy-bill-cleans-a325
Americans for Tax Reform
Source: www.atr.org
We need to be sure to allow opposing points of view on the debate of global warming instead of declaring “the argument is over”. There is quite enough evidence that global warming does not exist in the manner that has been indicated by its supporters. …