Next Big Theft Initiative For Dem's Debuted Tonight On 60 Minutes

You have to admire the Marxists that are running the Democrat Party these days, their arrogance and imagination is huge.  You just have to accept that they think your stupid. Of course they have a willing accomplice in pusing the Statist agenda with CBS. But don’t go all “Right Wing Extremist” on them just yet.

Tonight on 60 minutes, they opened their attack on private “retirement plans” – 401k’s.  They trotted out a long line of sad stories about people who can no longer afford to retire because the big, bad evil bankers on Wall Street have also stolen their 401k’s. Their agenda is to fool you into turning over your private pension to the “government” czar who will be running the system and all will be well for you. You will be taken care of.  Its just an added “benefit” that they get to demonize the “bankers” once again. What are they gonna do about it, they are all government employees now.

This was just the attack to make you think that “private” accounts are a fools rush.  The plan will be rolled out later , but Representative George Miller (Marxist, CA) has been pushing a plan by the leftist economist Theresa Ghillarducci who’s plan will abolish private 401k’s and all will be well because you will turn over what is left in your account to the “government” in exchange for a “guaranteed” rate of return and a credit back to the value of your account as of say September 2008 (why not offer you that bribe, they will just print the money).  See Ghilarducci here on Democracy (Marxism) Now. Pay close attention starting at 6:15 in.

In case you have never investigated the Social In-Security sytem before now, you need to know that effective in 2011, based on declining revenues attributed to the recession,  the Social Security Trust Fund (lockbox, which is only a noun existing on paper as the politicians have spent every penny paid into it a long time ago), is broke. This from the mouths of the Social Security Administration itself.  No, not Medicare. That, ahem, “trust fund” (also a noun only existing on paper) will be broke no later than 2018.  Of course, they will make no mention of the local governments that opted out of Social Security only to find their workers fared much better under the privately managed retirment systems they crafted.

So, liberals (especially Marxist Liberals) are cooking up a scheme to cover up the Mother of all Ponzi Schemes, devised and promoted almost solely by Democrats for 70 years, by convincing you to turn over your private pension account in exchange for a “government guarantee“.

Now don’t you feel better knowing that the same people that brought you Social In-Security, Medicare, The Department of Education, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack, TARP, TALF, Stimulus, Bailouts for Unions, Government (Census) Contracts for Acorn and the new General Motors are looking out for you.

We should all move to Argentina.  The government there, having also failed at all its Socialist schemes (not their fault really, Socialism just always FAILS) recently seized some of the pension funds of their citizens.  It was really simple and straightforward, , they just sent a letter to the banks that held them telling them that the accounts now “belonged” to the government.  At least they were honest in their treachery.  They showed complete disdain for their citizens, but at least they did not treat them as if they are stupid.  They just seized the funds because they did not think their population was stupid enough to “volunteer” them and they felt that “robbery” was the more honest approach (versus the favorite method of Bernie Madoff) to steal the hard earned money of their citizens. Now we are about to be out Madoffed by the Democrats once again.

Obama’s massive growth in government will be amassive failure, just like all the Socialism bundled in the Roosevelt New Deal.  The country is bankrupt and they are throwing every device and illegetimate scheme up in hopes of finding one that might buy them another decade before the collapse of the entire Ponzi. If it does not work, they reason, your head will be spinning so fast you will miss all the other devious devices they use to steal your freedom (they have to steal that, you have nothing else left to take).

Actually, combined with the massive new “tax” that the EPA will lay on us all to “regulate” the emission of C02, along with the massive new tax Waxman, Pelosi, Reid and Obama are going to impose on us because Al Gore said it is an imperative, will be the death of them yet, once you start paying those taxes, you will not have anything left to give (remember the $634 billion dollar down payment Obama wants on socialized health care too).  So don’t worry, be happy (fool).

So beware.  If you are pissed now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Get ready for massive TeaParties.  If you do not stop them now, there will be blood in the streets and that will be the attractive alternative.