Leahy Trying to Sneak Holder Through Without Proper Hearings

Senator Patrick Leahy (d. Vermont) is trying to minimize the time alloted to hearings on the nomination of Eric Holder to Attorney General. They so deperately want to avoid any penetrating questioning as to why he supported (ignored) the pardon of one of the FBI’s top ten wanted fugitives. We already know that there were “pay for play efforts” on behalf of cronies of the Clintons on behalf of all sorts of nefarious criminals, not the least of which was Marc Rich.

Given Holders less than candid responses in this matter previously and given that he has been nominated for the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States (below Obama) the facts of what is considered the most notorius pardon ever granted (done whole against the guidelines of the Justice Department), his actions regarding the processing of this pardon is required.

I am listening to Sen. Whitehouse ramble on about how Leahy has scheduled the same or similar number of days as any other nominee (in the last 30 years), none of them were involved in the granting of a pardon to a fugitive listed on the Top Ten Most Wanted List nor did the ex-wife of that criminal offer a $ 500,000. “contribution” to the then Presidents library.

Get over it. You cannot hide the truth by refusing to hear it. Hold this nomination until all matters have been properly aired.