Great News For Florida

Martinez, running hard and fast towards the left despite claiming to be a Republican (good solid record on National Defense – turned left on immigration and the socialization of risk by bailout) has decided to retire from the Senate at the end of his term in 2010. This is good news.

Now we will have a long vetting process for primary challengers to display their positions and be properly challenged to cement them. Among those I suspect will consider the run:

  • Charlie Crist (Disaster)

  • Tom Gallagher – good solid Republican

  • Katherine Harris – staunch conservative that will have a tough time because of the 2000 election fiasco.

  • John L. Mica, Congressman from the 7th District – solid Republican, weak on name recognition.

  • Cliff Stearns, Congressman from the 6th District. A rating from National Taxpayers Union, Solid defender of Gun Rights, My personal favorite.

  • John Peyton – Mayor Jacksonville – will never survive the Primary

  • I am sure many more will emerge. We will see.