Top Reasons To Bail Out The UAW...According to Sheila Jackson Lee And Other Democrats

I am listening to Neil Cavuto interview Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) on why we should bail out the Big Three Auto Companies…..er, unions.

Reason #1-“it is necessary to the war on terror” (Yes, this one from Sheila, she is the only one who thinks her constituents are so stupid as to fall for that one…they may very well be). Yes you heard it right. Sheila wants to stick it in the eye of Al-Queada after Al-Zawahiri’s “hateful” tape of this morning talking trash about her man Obama. I must admit, it is a new and unique tactic. Maybe if we do bail out GM, et. al, they will throw down all of their RPG’s, AK-47’s, IED’s and run off into the hills of NW Pakistan crying and bawling and sucking their thumbs. Can you get the visual?

Reason #2-“it is necessary because we do not make anything in the US anymore.” Thats not entirely true Congresswoman. The UAW created the job bank, where laid off union workers go to watch the History channel while waiting for their weekly (although reduced to 95% of salary and benefit) payroll checks from GMAC et. al to come in.

Reason #3-“If we do not, people will stop buying cars from them.” Not true again, they started stopping buying cars from them as they started to figure out that the cars were not as high a quality as Japanese makes because of the $ 2,000.00 plus cost disadvantage they have based on the foolish, destructive union contracts they agreed to.

Unfortunately, those contracts were not about bringing a better life to their members, they were about power and agrandizement for the Union Heirarchy. Without the decapitation of the Union Power structure over the companies, they have no hope of surviving the disease. If you have a cancerous tumor and refuse surgery and chemotherapy, it is not hard to figure out the prognosis for your long-term survival.No, I will only agree to financial assistance as part of a pre-packaged bankruptcy. Only if there is a clear, viable restructuring og the companies to make them competitive and viable for the long term.

The Unions sucked them dry (along with all the stupid decisions management made in other areas). Now it is time for the parasite to move on…or become the host itself. The Union members who are indignant about the future they face have their leadership to blame. They took all the profit and also bough the Utopian line of crap that they were “owed” a decent life. I do regret that their leadership was not so omnipotent as to be enable to enforce that lie onto the rest of the world. But then socialism has never succeeded no matter how lofty the goal.

No, restructure all pay to be on par with all other industry standards and induce a bonus structure to allow the workers to participate in the future success of the company or better yet, trade stock for their losses under the abrogated contracts.