The Test For Obama Will Come Before Inauguration

Now that Obama is declared the winner, Israel will proceed to attack Iran. They will want to afford themselves of Bush’s support or acquiescence. I believe that they have restrained themselves because they fely McCain had a chance. Now that they are clear that they can be assured of a cold shoulder in Washington and clear that their very survival is at stake, they will attack Irans nuclear program and soon.

Obama will be faced with haveing to cast a position in back of the clear support that I believe that Bush will give Israel, he has little els to offer as a short term legacy.

We got our butt kicked tonight. Our leadership broke down severely over the last 2 years and now it is time to rebuild. I spent the last 3 days calling voters to GOTV. I have never participated in politics before beyond giving money and blogging. All that is past. I am plunging in. WE will need to raise a billion dollars to compete against Obama in 2012. WE also have to start to reclaim the House and Senate in 2010. I will no longer stand by. I urge all of you who feel as I do, get involved in your county level GOP. WE need to take back control. WE need ot build up the grass roots organizing that has been lacking in this campaign and we will need to be the lever to make up for the loss of Senate seats going forward.

WE need to grasp ahold of the technology that has put the Democrats our front of us in organizing, communicating and engaging. Thye only have the advantage here as long as we cede it. WE can reverse the tide, we must revers the tide. Then next few years will see a certain degradation in the economic vibrancy of the country. Prosperity will be much harder to come by if you measure it in terms of what you earn. If you measure it in terms of what you have granted to you, these are your times.

There will be many fights we must wage against and empowered President and the task is daunting…but then, they harder the challenge, the harder freedom loving peoples will fight.

Steel yourself for the challenges, prepare yourselves for the adversity you might find. We will all live through this to proser again. They reality is that no matter who won this election, the challenges facing them are likely to be more than they can reasonably manage. With 54 trillion dollars in unfunded entitlements, Obama will have a very difficult time spending an additional trillion dollars over the next 4 years without having to tax everyone down to the last penny. Even those expecting a handout might receive from the Government only to lose more when the job base shrinks and they opportunity economy shrivels up. Expect far less investment and shrinking incomes far in excess of what the Democrats blamed the Republicans for.

No matter…I look forward to the future with all of you. A new day will rise again.