Think Bankrupting Coal Energy Production Won't Affect You - Guess Again.

If you are a tree hugger in San Francisco and think that it is good strategy to impose carbon taxes large enough to make production of coal fired energy impractical here is the future you will face.

Currently, we produce 49% of all electricity used in the U.S from coal. Under Obama’s plan, with huge taxes imposed on the greenhouse gases emitted from coal, your electric bill will skyrocket. No it does not end there. The value of the current coal-fired plants will plunge based on the ability to generate income from generating electricity, however, their value for the new underlying credits available from de-commissioning will also skyrocket. The owners of these plants will sell them for the value available from decommissioning, withdrawing them from production.

This will cause your already skyrocketing rates to skyrocket

even more (remember what happened in California when Enron was manipulating supply?). Nine Dollar gasoline (something else Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Reid’s policies will bring) will make it cheaper to get in your car and read by the light in there. Within a few short years you face the prospect of only using electricity for portions of the day. Not to worry, you will have a different problem. The skyrocketing cost off energy will make many economic activities no longer viable and you will not have a job anyway so you will be more focused on how you will eat. But hey its worth paying 2-3000 dollars a month to turn the lights on in your house if you can clean the air…right?

So you will be deciding which days you stand in line at the unemployment office and the food stamp office. But that will be a problem. Local governments run on energy, they buy it from the same sources you do. They too will not have the ability to function normally. They will no longer have financial resources to pay your benefits as businesses close and are rendered bankrupt by the action of bankrupting the coal fired energy producers. So you will have even bigger problems still. How are you going to eat?…and so on.

I know it is difficult. You spend so much time worshiping at the alter of Gaia that you have great difficulty following logic to its end. Do not worry, chaos theory will kick in and your air will be cleaner as your entire world collapses.