Obama's Wish To Bankrupt Coal Could Push This to Landslide

This page shows a map of where coal is produced in this country:

Page With Map Of Coal Prodcution

Notice the following overlaps:

  • SE & Central PA
  • WV
  • OH
  • IN
  • IL
  • ND
  • CO
  • NM
  • MO
  • ETC.

This Coal Mine Employees by State shows average number of employees in the mines by state.

Upwards of 81,000 add family you get 120-160000 potential votes to swing. This could be Obamas waterloo, if the MSM opinion core shows any courage and integrity (believe me, I am not holding my breath).

Coal touches many many states. Many that Obama counts as his but where he is up only marginally. A few thousand miners could go a long way in each of these states, especially if they move their families. This is in addition to all the coal operators, their families and all the businesses that supply goods and services to the industry and the miners and their families.