Your Vote Is The Most Valuable Possession You Have, Do Not Sell It Cheaply. It Cost Someone "The Fullest Measure Of Devotion"

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This video will help sharpen your focus as you consider your vote this weekend. The U.S. faces many enemies throughout the world. Enemies, that despite their being “tiny” countries, do pose a real, present and future danger to the the U.S. and its allies, especially Israel.

We cannot allow ourselves to lose the perspective of a future vision in the haze of hindsight. The world has at times tried isolationism and appeasement only to be plunged into conflicts that proved far more bloody, deadly and dangerous that the perceived danger it sought to deny.

Our destiny as a nation has been to establish and preserve the essential freedom that was endowed us as men by our creation. We cannot preserve and extend that freedom to those in the world now not so privledged by turning away from it ourselves. We also cannot be free when we surrender our responsibilities to others. Your short term comfort at doing so will turn into long-term pain and suffering at the hands of an increasingly oppressive government.

Our founding fathers understood this and crafted a Constitution to protect against it. It is an amazing document that everyone should read every month as a reminder of the wisdom of our forefathers.

Please watch this video, if you have not already seen it, it will certainly grab you and make you think.

Please remember what millions have sacrificed for you. Consider your vote very carefully and cast it in remembrance of that, even with tears in your eyes. Think about this before you believe and poll number you have heard.