Obama-inspired anti-lead law contributing to economic downturn?

The basic story is spreading around the nation and it says New law puts brakes on sales of minibikes. The cost of the law is that hundreds of millions in merchindise will gather dust due to Washington DC Red Tape.

The law was meant to protect kids from lead in toys. And in the bizarre Washington DC bubble, dirt-bikes and ATVs are in the same category as Tonka Trucks and Action Figures. Kids are in more danger of being thrown off their bike than getting lead poisoning from their bikes.

The MSM doesn’t mention that one of the big proponents of laws like this is President Barack Obama. Obama proposed S1306, the Lead-Free Toys Act of 2007, which was largely consolidated into the law signed, which led to these problems.

I wouldn’t expect giving a break to our ATV and Dirtbike makers to be a priority for the President. After all, those sort of activities don’t go on in the Blue Areas that gave Obama the Presidency, and there’s no way to funnel money to San Francisco in the process.

But if the President had good sense, he would push for the exemption of ATVs and Dirt Bikes fron this law. After all, nothing says stimulus like allowing for millions in products to be sold. The President doesn’t have the sense to do the right thing here. Be thankful your kids aren’t being put into bubbles to shield them from germs.