Democrat electoral woes continue in Northern Virginia

Ever since the election of Barack Obama, a strange thing has happened.. Democrats have started losing elections and losing ground rapidly.

In Georgia, they lost around 5% between November and December for the Senate.

In Louisiana, they lost an open House seat as the heavily favored Democrat lost narrowly. Another Democrat, Bill Jefferson, also lost in a shocking upset.

In Delaware in a special election in a heavily Democrat district, the Republican won.

And in Virginia in a special election for Brian Moran’s 46th district (a heavily Democrat district in Alexandria), the Democrat <a href=”https://www.voterinfo.sbe.virginia.gov/election/DATA/2008/CE21C97C-418A-4AC5-BE85-246497CE595F/Unofficial/8_s.shtml”>leads by 16 votes</a>. In yet another district where Obama won over 2/3rds of all votes, the voters are swinging away from Democrats.

This bodes very well for 2009 and 2010. There’s no doubt that the Republicans will win both Virginia and New Jersey once the natural anti-Obama base vote aligns with voters disgusted over the far-left Democrat agenda and the lack of economic recovery. And in 2010, we will win back the House and Senate. The fact is that the Democrat agenda places a higher importance in paying off anti-democratic far left forces like gay marriage advocates and unions than on jobs. The Obama stimulus plan doesn’t create a single permanent job, but it creates many jobs that would be dominated by the labor unions that support Obama. Obama’s plan is not based on capitalism and will fail.
And when the failure of Obamaism is obvious, America will return to the small-government pro-individual philosophy that built America and made it great. I can’t help but be confident right now. A lot of Americans who stayed home on November 4th must be regretting the fact that they didn’t vote for John McCain. Because it’s obvious that there is an anti-Democrat backlash brewing all over America. We’re going to win in 2010.