Did Obama aid/house an illegal immigrant at Columbia U?

There’s a rather interesting revelation in this New York Times article that the media tried hard to bury and downplay.

In “Dreams from My Father,” [Obama] talks of having a Pakistani roommate when he moved to New York, a man he calls Sadik who “had overstayed his tourist visa and now made a living in New York’s high-turnover, illegal immigrant work force, waiting on tables.”

So basically Obama admits in his book that he sheltered a lawbreaking illegal immigrant. He refused to do the right thing. He refused to contact the authorities in order to bring this man to justice. Instead they hung out together during Obama’s hidden years.Remember that people who have overstayed tourist visas have done things much worse than wait on tables. Obama displayed his naiviete by housing such a dangerous individual.

Maybe Obama thinks that overstaying a visa and breaking the law isn’t a big deal. Heck, for years Obama has kept this criminals name confidential. But when you ignore the law like Obama did, your only option is to ignore that you aided and abetted a criminal.

It’s worth noting that these stories, like most of “Dreams”, could be total fiction. But this story being made up by the ghostwriter of “Dreams” (Obama’s political mentor/terrorist Bill Ayers) is a best case scenario for Obama here, when you consider that the alternative is that Obama housed and aided a criminal.