No Trump for Me

As a conservative, I am not afraid of the Republican Party splitting or falling apart.  Especially if it fails to serve the interests of its members.  It’s better than what has been happening for the last 20 or so years – maintaining the status quo without truly advancing conservative causes.  And I’m not even talking about social conservatism (which I do care about, but pressing those issues from the top-down, no matter which side you fall on, is not the best way to accomplish those ends).  I would like to see the Republican Party represent fiscal responsibility and a small government that protects the constitution as part of serving the people.
If the Republican Party fails, I do not worry that more liberal interests will gloat or that the country will continue its current trend leftward.  That is not only part of the ebb and flow of society, but it is also what happens to every society eventually.
If the party of my choosing does not represent me, then I am OK choosing another party. Being outnumbered is nothing Americans have feared.  Being true to my values, principles, and conscience is more pressing to me.
In any case, while in the past I have voted for men I believed were borderline, I did so believing they had the best interests of the country at heart and would at least listen to us.  However, I will not at all vote for a candidate whom I believe to be duplicitous and deceptive, who plays to the crowd in front of him, who craves power and boasts of greed, and who, in his own words, said he could be whatever people want him to be, who believes in squashing the first amendment to silence his adversaries, who uses rudeness to intimidate.  I dare not cast my voice for a man who, if he ran as a Democrat, would barely run his campaign any differently.  We are not looking at the lesser of two evils come November; we are potentially looking at two of the same candidate, albeit from different parties.
While many of my friends are well-meaning in whom they support, I get that they do not view the candidates the way I do.  I’m OK with that.  But I will not succumb to guilt, manipulation, snarky comments, or threats, especially at the expense of my conscience and principles.  If exercising my liberty to vote my conscience is considered a waste, so be it.  But please understand that, with no anger or resentment toward those who may think I am wrong, I will never vote for Donald Trump.


Brian Collins