Kelloggs pays Letterman for teenage rape “joke”.

Re: Sponsoring Letterman’s teenage rape “joke”.


June 16, 2009


To whom it may Concern:


I am the father of a large family, including four teenage daughters, two of whom are just the ages of Bristol and Willow Palin. I don’t watch Letterman any more, but of course I have heard and seen his latest remarks about the Palin family, including the disgusting new low of attacking a fourteen-year-old girl. His forced and carefully parsed apologies matter none. Make no mistake, this was not meant to be a joke. It is part of his ongoing effort to destroy someone with whom he disagrees. That he and everyone at CBS thinks it’s acceptable speaks volumes about who they are.


Who are you?


As a sponsor of his show, are you willing to accept this?


Will you continue to pay people to make slut jokes about a woman because they hate her politics?


Will you continue to pay someone to make fun of raping young girls?


I will not. Therefore, I and my family make this commitment: We will not buy any product that you produce until we see a public statement from your company condemning Letterman, and permanently removing yourself as a sponsor of his show.




Joseph Madsen

Wilmington, NC