Excuse Me Mr. Engineer, Is That Bridge Out Ahead?

I’ve been having an inner debate, and I need another opinion. I know that many of us see that our country (and likewise many of the states) is careening headlong toward disaster. Please humor my use of a tired metaphor, but it really is like a train, speeding breakneck down a track where we know a bridge is out somewhere up ahead. But the engineers just keep going faster and faster, even though they say they know about the bridge! A lot of us are saying, “Hey, shouldn’t we be stopping this train, or at least slowing down, maybe changing tracks?” The engineers say they’re driving, go sit down.

A few of us on the train agree that it seems pretty sure that at some point, around some curve, the bridge will suddenly appear, and it will be far too late to stop. But most people on the train seem to just trust the engineers, or don’t really believe about the bridge being out, or they think if it is out, maybe it won’t be all that bad. “If the bridge is out, they’ll stop the train,” they say, and go back to reading the paper. The train speeds on. Strangely, the complacency of the other passengers and the engineers has a numbing effect on those who want to stop the train. Is there really a looming disaster? How could there be, when everyone is just… sitting there?

We are told that our nation is somewhere near $50 trillion in actual debt, and that the coming financial disaster will dwarf any before. What will America look like during and after that time? Will we even remain an independent nation?

Iran is seeking, no building, nuclear weapons, and terrorists want to acquire them to attack us with. They seem to be fairly committed, if 9-11 is any guide. Do we know how to stop them? Do we even have the will? Our response to Iran does not inspire confidence.

Perhaps the most likely disaster scenario though is that America just speeds on, through the warning signs and crashes headlong, not into a ravine, but into a swamp, to be hopelessly mired in the muck of socialist policies that have ensnared so many other nations. We emerge from the wreckage to face generations of individual human misery.

So here I am, torn, and I wonder if some of you are too. Do we keep tying to convince the other passengers, maybe try to take a vote to stop the train? What if they won’t listen, or we lose the vote? Do we just keep riding the train? Jump off? Mutiny against the engineer? Clean the windows? Anybody know how to drive a train?

Is it already too late for political solutions? Is it time to take to the streets, like the civil rights marchers? (BTW, I’m not really up for any last stands where we take our 22’s out against an Apache helicopter; so if that’s you, uh, Sorry!) Or maybe we all move to a good red state and see what we can do with it; the pilgrims did it! Is that admitting there is no longer any hope to save America?

For the record, this has little to do with the election. I experienced a case of Clinton-related depression when he was elected, especially the second time, ugh! This time, I see Obama merely as a continuation of a more or less steady decline. Bush slowed it in some ways, allowed it in others, and Obama will probably accelerate it. But either way, have already lost so much of our freedom, and a bit more each day.

Is it time to pick some path of dramatic action and take it, while we are still able?