Overthrow the MSM In Selected States Near You

David beat Goliath with a sling and stone. We can beat the msm.

We fight the culture war for the hearts and minds of the people, but the battle each day is for their attention. MSM, giant champion of the left, has all but vanquished conservative ideas from the battlefield. He has an election as a trophy of his power. If the ideas of life, liberty and property are extinguished, our republic will end in socialist misery. We must make a stand. We can be David. We have our stones, our ideas. Here is a sling.

I have argued that we lost the election because of the press. Yet many conservatives are tying themselves (and each other) in knots over why we lost; too far left, too far right, a poor candidate, a poor campaign, a poor message, on and on.

All the while, we ignore the real answer that’s all around us. Literally. It’s like forgetting you’ve been swallowed by a whale. The msm is all around us every day, in too many ways to even comprehend. We often hear that its day is over; its power is waning. Yes. And the orbit of the earth is waning too. The msm is all encompassing, all left leaning, and all-out to destroy conservatives

It is a strange truth that just knowing the press is biased, as most people do, doesn’t really weaken its influence! Why do they have so much power? Why do people still listen to them? Because no matter how badly they do their job, right now they are the only ones doing it.

Our freedom requires, and our constitution expressly protects, a free and fair press. Our Founders built the government on four giant pillars; The Congress, The Court, the President, The Press. The press is meant to be a check on authority, and a watchdog, an impartial observer of campaigns and elections. It’s supposed to hold all sides accountable to the same standard: the ideals that make our Republic work. Without the Press-Pillar, it falls as surely as it does without any of the other checks on power; the Judicial on the Executive on the Legislative on the Judicial.

While our current msm still looks like a press-pillar; in reality it has abandoned its sacred post, and become a mouthpiece for the leftist movement. Make no mistake: Journalism may be dead but the Press is alive and unwell. The Left and its media are taking us step by step down into socialism, stealing our dignity and freedom, and creating an all-powerful State. They have successfully decided a presidential election! Now they want to silence us. If they can shut down our budding media, we lose our speech, and perhaps the war.

Some say it’s too late already; the Press-Pillar is crumbled, and the tilting Republic falling down with it. It’s not too late. Our shining city can be saved! But if we’re going to save it, WE must replace the fallen pillar ourselves. We must overthrow the leftist stranglehold on American Media. We must and we can! But like David, we have to concentrate our attack.

We have begun to build our own media, but we are still a puny David! We have Talk radio, Fox News, the Washington Times, a few newspapers and magazines, and a few Sites and blogs on the web. With that we dare challenge Goliath; ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, almost all TV stations in the country; NY Times, the AP, almost all newspapers across the country; Time, Newsweek, Us, People, O, almost all magazines everywhere; Science Journals, Medical Journals, Law Journals, University Journals; Move On, Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, most of the web; and ALL of Hollywood.

It looks overwhelming. To overthrow their control of the daily American narrative seems impossible, inconceivable! It may be impossible, the way we’re doing it. Were trying to go toe-to-toe, head to head with the giant! How’d that election battle work out for us?

David left the swords and armor behind. He didn’t try to fight on his enemy’s terms. He used his own best weapon, on ground of his choosing, and he made a very carefully aimed attack.

We have to modify our battle plan. Yes, we must completely replace the left wing msm. But we don’t have to replace them all, all at once, everywhere. This is important: We don’t need the whole map right away, just pieces of it. We can start with a just a few regions, in a few states. Say, some of those that just turned blue. Maybe a few states that are barely still red, trying to hang on. We need to find that electoral majority on the map and get in THERE! Buy up the newspapers and magazines; buy the TV and the cable and the radio stations and start BEING the Press-Pillar! Think what we could do. People are hungry for this! We could change the whole environment for conservative people and candidates. Put lefties on the defense for a change. Make them defend their stupid ideas to the people, before they get elected! On a level playing field, people choose conservative ideas and candidates.

Conservatives take heart and stand up! Our ideas are right. They are true. They are the principals that founded this Republic. They are exciting! They are inspiring! They have moved people to greatness! They are in fact the ideas Americans LOVE! They WANT our ideas! They NEED our ideas! They just rarely get to hear them any more.

The Press-Pillar doesn’t allow it.

Our ideas can’t be heard in newspapers, or magazines, or broadcast, or cable, or advertising, or music, or movies, or schoolbooks. Not from churches, or from congress, or from courts, or from presidents. Not Allowed. Not the ideas of John Locke, or John Adams, or Thomas Jefferson, or Thomas Paine. No speeches from Washington, or Henry, or Lincoln, or Garrison. Not the voices of Winston Churchill, or Dr. King, or Billy Graham, or Ronald Reagan. Not to be heard. Not to be thought. Silenced by the MSM.

Yet these are the foundation of the Republic. These are the ideas that inspire, that set people free, that allow them to govern themselves, well and properly. Our people need them once again, need to hear them, live by them, govern and be governed by them. Look what has happened in their absence.

Our children need heroes, as we all need heroes, and we used to have them. Columbus, the Pilgrims, Paul Revere, Harriet Tubman, Mother Theresa, Astronauts, and Soldiers. Our heroes should be exalted as examples by our press, not ruthlessly debased.

Imagine if we could give a conservative hero like Sarah Palin the kind of press she deserves! Imagine what good it would do for our sprits and our souls. Imagine us giving the Dodds and Franks and Schumers and Mahoneys and Stevens the press they deserve. Root for the good guys and defeat the bad guys! Biased? Yes. Biased in favor of the great and right principals. That’s how it’s supposed to be!

If it is to be, it is up to we. We must become the Press-Pillar.