Support a fallen soldier.

Attention NW and West Central MO residents

I’ve been alerted that a group is planning to protest the funeral of a fallen service member.  The community is looking for help to shield the family from these disgusting people.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Westboro “Baptist Church” you’re better off not knowing anything about these things.  The text below is from an email I received today.  If you’re in the area please turn out to support this family in their time of need.  Disclosure:  I do not know the soldier or his family so I unfortunately have few details.   Thanks, Rich. 

The following was a comment posted on “My Cameron News” concerning the funeral of fallen Soldier Matthew G. Kelley

Proud American wrote on Feb 2, 2009 11:46 AM:
” As an aunt of a fallen soldier (2004) My heart goes out to the Kelley’s. I remember the support the community gave our family & how moved I was when after the funeral on the way to the cemetery the whole community & business rallied & stood along the streets, firemen with their fire trucks, ambulances & their drivers, block after block, citizens of the town standing in silence waving their American flags in support & honor. Even as we hit the interstate, I remember I gentleman who was probably a Veteran, stood in front of his vehicle pulled over to the side of the Hwy waving his flag. My hope is this community will do the same for this fallen son of America! I will be there with my flag. Please everyone join me!! ”
Matthew Kelley’s funeral will be Saturday Afternoon February 7, 2009 at the Cameron United Methodist Church, 201 N. Pine Street, Cameron, MO.
Anti-American Protestors from the Rev. Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, Kansas who travel the country picketing military funerals are scheduled to be in Cameron to protest.
Several Church congregations from Cameron and from other NW Missouri Communities are planning on being in Cameron, lining the streets, waving American flags in support of the Kelley family and support of all Soldiers and our Great Country. The funeral starts at 2:00, we plan on lining the streets around 1:00.  There are also lots of other groups such as several “Freedom Of The Road Riders” motorcycle groups, showing up in support of Matthew Kelly’s family and support of our country. 
The purpose of this email is to ask that you put on hold what you might have planned for this Saturday afternoon and show up in support of a fallen Soldier, support of your Country and also to show the protest picketers from Phelps Church that they are vastly outnumbered in their beliefs.  Just show up and line the streets.  If you have an American Flag please bring it.
Fred Phelps protestors are giving up whatever they have going on for one Saturday afternoon and driving 250 miles round trip.